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What’s the cow got to do with it?

from June 8th to 11th, Casterton is the place where life can start again, especially with Matthew Morton and Rory Lennon in town with their life affirming seminars.

Ever been kicked by a cow? Cut off in traffic? Seen behaviour too stupid to explain? Then you have likely heard, “Jesus Christ!” But who is the man behind the name? Why do people love him and follow him, all their lives?

Rory Lennon tells us, “In India, I had one amazing experience with a Dalit (untouchable) lady bent double for 30 years.

She just wanted to touch my hand. God told me to ‘give her a hug’. As I hugged her, her back cracked and she stood up perfectly straight.

Such is the love and power of Jesus to those who simply want to connect."

Matthew Morton has shared his insights from Kashmir to Canada. In Preston, Melbourne, a young man felt God had forgotten him.

Matthew met him for the first time that night and still spoke things to him that only he knew. Matthew’s words resonated in his heart and the young man was filled with a renewed fire, a sense of value and purpose for his life.

God had not forgotten him. God has not forgotten you either. Come and find out for yourself.

These men know there is always hope.

Here’s how it goes. There are things to do and resources for change. The trouble is we bog down and let it slide, little by little until we are back where we started.

But in you, there is a key. The drive to grow comes from our attitude, and that can change in an instant.

A change of scene, certain memories, someone says something we probably heard before and yet we feel a new sense of meaning. Suddenly, the way we experience the world has shifted forever.

We just have to be there at the right time and place.

Rory and Matthew see this all the time. There is a way for lasting change. We really are able to start afresh at any stage, whatever our past has been.

The company we keep changes how we behave. So, whatever spiritual forces are out there, it pays to be on the right side.

Then, when next you have a cow of a time, perhaps you can talk to Jesus Christ for real.

Come and find out for yourself.

'The Watoto Choir, hosted by EMC Family Church Casterton for 2015 attracted 400 people.'
We hope to do this again soon.

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