Community Church Casterton   

An Independant Pentecostal Church With Traditional & Contemporary Worship and a place where people can use their talents

Here are some of our most important beliefs found at any EMC Community Church:

We are not jealous or envious of other Christian ministries or ministers
We do not argue with church members from other Christian denominations, regarding their beliefs, but show respect and consideration.
We do not compete against other ministries, but encourage unity and peace.
We do not push people over when praying for them.
We do not make, force, or coach people to tithe ten percent of their weekly income, or at anytime make people feel compelled to give money. It is up to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the persons own choice, if they want to give a gift.

We do not tell people they are not 'saved' if they cannot speak in tongues.
We do not allow people to feel obligated to perform a task.
We do not force people into membership. Membership is belonging to Christ.
We do not control people or treat people like 'robots'.
We do not allow any type of abuse towards another person or persons. Such abuse includes spiritual, emotional, physical, sexual, untrue statements, authoritarian control and anything that causes harm. Whilst we do forgive, in serious situations, the appropriate lawful authorities will be contacted without any hesitation, according to law.

We do help people to the best of our ability, whenever they ask.
We do teach people about the love of the Father (God) and ways of Jesus Christ.
We do baptize in water, the way that Jesus was baptized, for all people who understand what baptism is all about.
We dedicate newborn babies and young children to God our Father, through Christ.
We lay hands on the sick and anoint them with oil, for healing.
We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
We teach the Holy Bible to all who want to learn about its contents.

We are a people of peace, harmony, healing, prayer, understanding and most of all, who have the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts. EMC must always be a safe place and free for all people of all ages, races and backgrounds, to worship the Lord as one body, together in the beauty of His holiness.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are freely used amongst the people as He leads and people are free during the meetings to share a word from the Bible, sing a song, play a musical instrument, pray or just enjoy the power of the Holy Spirit and His anointing touch. In worship, we use the good old hymns and choruses and have kept certain traditions from the main line churches.

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